Are you a writer who… :

Does not know how to publish your writing online?
Does not know how to market your writing online?
Do not know how to get published within your budget?
Is tired of not selling your writing?
Is tired of not making any money?

Conquering the E-book Market Online (2010) is a guide designed to help you get a minisite, promoting your E-book, live in under a month, and ready for the marketing phase.

Setting up a mini-site will allow you to generate anything from $1 a day up to hundreds.

Minisites are a great place to start promoting your e-book.

Essentially, a minisite is like “a tv commercial on the Internet”. It’s a small simple website with 1-4 pages which:

  • Offers one product to a tight market niche
  • Typically delivers a downloadable product, often an e-book in a PDF file
  • Requires killer sales copy to convert visitors to customers

  • Minisites typically have 3 main components:

  • a Sales Page with a 100% Guarantee
  • a Pay Page linked to PayPal
  • a Thank You Page, with a Download Product button

  • Looks pretty straightforward doesn’t it.

    This program will give you10 Essential Steps You Need to Master to Publish Your E-book Online for Profit:

    Writing Your E-book

    Step 1. Identifying Your Info. Product
    Step 2. Devising a Writing Plan
    Step 3. Starting to Write
    Creating a Sales Platform for your E-book
    Step 4. Creating a Sales Platform (and Creating Sales Pages on Your Sales Platform)
    Step 5. Creating a Payment Processor (and Testing your Payment Processor)
    Step 6. Creating an Opt-in Form
    Monetizing Your E-book Sales
    Step 7. Writing the Sales Page
    Step 8. Writing a Freebie Offer (Squeeze) Page
    Step 9. Writing Promotion Emails, Articles & Ads
    Step 10. Becoming an Affiliate Marketer

    Each step is broken down into three mini-steps, each achievable in 30-minutes daily or less. This program adopts a ‘Smallest Step’ Approach because people lead have busy lives and commitments. The idea is to consistently dedicate ‘the smallest amount of time every day’ so that you see tangible results fast, and stay motivated.

    This 30-page E-book contains ‘power content’. You’ll get out of this E-book the same as researching E-book publishing for hours and hours online. The author has done this for you.


    Order your copy of Conquering the E-book Market today.


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